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Mistakes in Caring for Stuffed Animals

steiff stuffed animalsIn order to make them last long and to ensure that they look brand new most if not all of the time, proper care and maintenance must be given to one’s stuffed animals. This is true regardless if the toy is a collectible or not. However, many owners still fail to do this right. The task may sound simple but mistakes are still committed against it. To help you avoid from making the same blunders, we’ve rounded up the most common ones to warn you about them and hopefully get you informed enough to know how to avoid.

MISTAKE: Failure to Know the Toy

AVOID/FIX: One can never really give the right type and amount of care if one does not know the toy. It pays to do your research. Plus, it doesn’t hurt to look at the tags and packaging for care and washing instructions.

MISTAKE: Using Heat in the Cleaning Process

AVOID/FIX: Heat is an enemy to stuffed animals as it has the potential not only to dull the colors but also to melt some accessories and parts. When washing, lukewarm or room temperature is required. Drying must also be done with the complete absence of heat so machines or dryers must be on cool setting and there should be no ‘sun’ drying.

MISTAKE: Allowing Moisture and Humidity

AVOID/FIX: These two encourage mold growth as well as rodent and bug infestation. Choose a space that doesn’t develop moisture or is likely to be humid. Also, never pack your stuffed animals inside plastic bags as they can lock in the moisture and make the toy rot.

MISTAKE: Playing Doctor and Scientist

AVOID/FIX: When something goes amiss or wrong with the toy, immediate repair is necessary to prevent it from getting worse. However, if one has no skill or knowledge to do so then it would be best to look for a professional toy repair shop. Experimenting and playing doctor might do more harm than good. If you do however have the skill and knowledge then go ahead and perform the needed repair.

MISTAKE: Procrastination with Dirt and Damage

AVOID/FIX: The moment that you see any dirt or damage on your stuffed animals, address them immediately. Procrastinating can worsen stains and make them harder to come off. Damages like tears when left for long may grow bigger and even cause for the toy to be at a state of disrepair. Boohoo.

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