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The Role of Toys and Play in IQ and EQ

kids-iqStuffed animal toys are loved not only because of their cute and cuddly nature but because of the many benefits that they bring. Children who are fond of playing with them are found to generate better IQ and EQ scores according to many studies. If you’re interested as to how that came to be, we partnered up with the lovely team from to bring you a list of the different roles of toys and play in a child’s IQ and EQ.

Getting to Know the Senses – Have you ever wondered why doctors allow parents to give their babies stuffed animals? This is because, these toys are soft enough to be played with so there is no danger in them unless they are much bigger than the child. The texture of their fur, whiskers, eyes and paws allow a child to get to know their sense of touch. Also, the hues and designs help them get accustomed with patterns and color variations.

Motor Skill Development – Motor skills pertain to actions that involve the use of muscles. Babies, toddlers and children are not yet fully developed and accustomed to these skills. Play helps them discover them. It allows them to get accustomed to and even practice it on a regular basis through a fun way.

Flunks Separation Anxiety – Parents won’t be by their children’s side all the time even if they want to. There are things like jobs, chores and even the kid’s schooling that will create some physical separation between parent and child within a day. Many kids are not comfortable with this so they tend to feel anxious. Their blood pressure rises up and their moods plummet to a slump. Some would even have crazy tantrums. Stuffed toys help ease such dilemma. Their comforting feel and nature are able o calm frayed nerves and make them feel less alone or separated.

Imagination and Creativity – Playing with toys highly encourage imagination and creativity in children. If you notice, playtime is where many kids tend to make up stories about their toys. They would give all of them names and even put items together making them part of a family. A teddy bear becomes a prince, a doll its princess and a dinosaur as their pet. The stories can even range from normal to crazy in a heartbeat. Also, this is where they are likely to imitate activities such as dressing up, taking a bath, cooking, counting or brushing teeth.

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