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5 Most Expensive Collectible Teddy Bears of All Time

There’s a certain charm that collectible teddy bears exude, an enigma of sorts. They’re memorable and timeless and it’s no surprise why people far and wide have been entranced by its magic.

Collectors come from all over the world, each with their own stash of prized teddies. Hey, you might be one too and don’t worry we get it so there’s no judging here. We belong to the same club. But have you ever wondered what the most expensive collectible teddy bears of all time are? If you do then take a look.

No. 5 — Diamond Eyes Teddy Bear ($84,000)

Manufactured to celebrate Steiff’s 125th founding anniversary, the German brand that pioneered the production of teddy bears more than a century ago created a special one using every luxurious material imaginable. The Steiff Diamond Eyes Bear comes with crafted diamonds and sapphires for eyes, golden thread instead of the usual mohair and a golden snout. To make it all the more special, only 125 pieces were made which retailed at the time for a whopping $84,000 a piece.

No. 4 — Black Titanic Mourning Bear ($140,000)

When the RMS Titanic tragically sunk on April of 1912, the whole world went into mourning. As a form of memorial and grief over the incident, Steiff released 600 pieces of bears in 5 different sizes which were black from head to paw. It’s incredibly difficult to find one in god condition these days but one popped out in a Christie’s auction in 2000 which fetched $140,000. The owner said that she had the toy as a kid but never really liked it so it lived most of its life inside a wardrobe which apparently helped preserve it.

No. 3 — Teddy Girl ($171,600)

Unlike the first two, Teddy Girl is one of a kind. There’s no other one like it anywhere in the world. The cinnamon colored bear from 1904 was owned by Colonel Bob Henderson who fought in the World War II with the toy by his side. After surviving the D-Day Landings, he opened a foundation that gave teddy bears to sick children. The toy went into auction some years after his death.

louis-vuitton-monogram-doudou-teddy-bearNo. 2 — Dou-Dou teddy ($182,000)

This Louis Vuitton Monogram Bear which measures a foot and a half in size was the collaboration between Steiff and Louis Vuitton for the global fashion house ‘s150th anniversary. Only 500 pieces were made from this collection, each one decked from head to paw with the signature LV monogram.

No. 1 —Louis Vuitton Bear ($2.1 Million)

Of all the collectible teddy bears all over the world, the Louis Vuitton Steiff Bear which was dressed in a full LV ensemble complete with matching luggage is the most expensive at $2.1 million. It was bought by Jessie Kim of Korea at a Monaco auction in 2000. It is currently housed in the Teddy Bear Museum at Jeju Island in Korea.

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