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Beware of These 5 Dangers to Your Stuffed Toys

stuffed toyStuffed toys and animals sure are cute and cuddly and it’s no surprise that they’re on top of the pack when we speak of toys. They’re the most popular around the world after all so much so that we’ve owned at least one in our lifetime and we bet you still keep yours for memory’s sake or passed it on as some sort of heirloom to tour child.

These pieces are beloved for many reasons beyond just their huggable feel and appearance. Science even says they help in introducing the basic senses to infants as well as in developing their motor skills. Stuffed toys also nourish imagination and creativity as well as help those suffering from trauma, negative emotions, depression and anxiety.

But if there is something that stuffed toys cannot do, that would be to live forever. It’s not indestructible. However, we can do some things to make them last a few lifetimes and that includes proper care and maintenance. In light of that, we give you these five dangers that threaten the existence and longevity of your beloved toys.

  1. FOOD – Spills and drops can stain the stuffed animals which can damage its color and texture for good. But more than this, it will encourage insects, rodents and even pets to it which is always bad news. The earlier you a t upon this the better m.
  2. DIRT – While seemingly harmless at first, dust and dirt can severely damage the toy over time and that includes denting its sanitation and cleanliness. They could even make allergies act up.
  3. HEAT – What heat does is fade out the colors, and melt down certain parts or loosen them up. This is why owners need to choose a spot or are that isn’t susceptible to high bouts of moisture and humidity.
  4. MOISTURE – The presence of too much humidity can encourage moisture which will essentially create an environment that serves as the breeding ground for yeast and molds. These factors considered will rot the toy and when that happens there is no going back.
  5. BUGS – Bugs are a sure danger to stuffed animals because they don’t just tear away at its parts or soil them. They too may choose to live in them making them look, smell and feel rotten. Once this has been the case, it is often difficult to save to the point that the toy ends in the trash. Sad but true and necessary.

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