steiff-sequin-bearSteiff toys are one of the most popular and in demand of its kind. Stemming from its rich and colorful history as well as its topnotch quality, Steiff has catapulted into the pedestal of the toy kingdom with teddy bears as its king. As a matter of fact, they are one of the most collected toys in the world today with many of its vintage and limited edition pieces, remaining as hot items in many auctions.

But owning a Steiff toy is not like any other. You need to know its history and background to be able to understand how each design differs from the other. You have to be aware of the variations of the “knopf im ohr” or so called “button in ear” through the years which have become the company’s trademark and a symbol of toy authenticity. One must also be knowledgeable in how they are priced and value din the market. This applies particularly to the vintage and collectible pieces. Adequate knowledge in the care, maintenance and storage of these toys must also be present.

You have to know how it is to own a Steiff toy and we are here to help you regarding that matter. With the expertise of our team, we will guide you all throughout from the purchase, storage down to the maintenance and cleaning of these beloved toys.