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Facts You Need to Know About Collectible Teddy Bears

steiff-collectible-teddy-bearIf you notice, people have a knack for categorizing things to the point that at times we unconsciously label ideas the wrong way. We get lost in trying to put everything in boxes that we fail to see the bigger picture. Take collectible teddy bears for instance. You probably have a lot of preconceived notions about them. Take a look at the following lesser known or acknowledged facts. They might just surprise you.

Some of them cost quite a fortune.

Would you believe that the most expensive teddy bear to ever been sold raked up $2.1 million in an auction? The Louis Vuitton Steiff bear smashed records and has been holding the title ever since. Following suit are many other pieces that score hundreds of thousands of dollars apiece.

But not all of them will cost an arm and leg.

Still, not all collectibles are as crazy expensive. Some pieces, especially current but limited releases, are priced for a few hundred to a thousand dollars. It’s still quite up there in the price department but not as hefty as the others.

Not all collectibles are vintage finds.

Most people would assume that all collectible toys are sought after because of their age. Not all of them are in fact antique. Some as mentioned previously are current releases but were only manufactured exclusively. Only a few pieces are made making them truly one of a kind, or well one of a few.

Some pieces come with quite a story to tell.

Some bears have diamonds for eyes. Others are rare collaborations between famous brands while there are those that became sought after because of the story that they hold. Popular examples would be Teddy Girl, the cinnamon bear owned by Col. Henderson which he brought and survived with during the WWII as well as the black mourning bears manufactured during the sinking of the RMS Titanic.

Tags and button in ears can raise their value.

Some toys came with fabric tags and other specific knickknacks. Steiff teddies for example were given button in ears. Their presence can surely increase the value of the toy in the market.

You can score some in auctions.

One of the more popular methods of buying these pieces would be in auctions. You can either go the traditional route or the digital way via the internet. It’s not as hard to look for them as it was before.

But you can also find them in the unlikeliest of places.

Collectible teddy bears may still be found in surprising places although this would mean a combination of luck and hard work. You’d be surprised to know that some collectors scored their toys from garage sales, flea markets and antique stores.


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