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Places to Shop for Steiff Teddy Bears

steiff-teddy-bearSteiff teddy bears are no doubt a favorite when it comes to stuffed animal toys. Both children and the kids at heart would attest to that. Their charm is undeniable and the quality in which they have been manufactured is immensely commendable. These teddies are popular not only in their regular and mass produced designs but all the more for their limited edition variants and vintage pieces. There is a lot of history and a whole slew of stories neatly tucked within each toy. For sure, you’d love to get yourself one or maybe two or even three! If that’s the case then behold the following list of places for you to scout for Steiff teddy bear!


This one is the most predictable and obvious item on our list. Where else would your reflexes lead you but to the toy shops, boutiques and department stores in town! This is the place to be if you are looking for the latest designs in the market. Obviously if you are going for vintage, limited edition and collectible pieces, this won’t cut it.


For convenience, you may also shop from online stores like steiffteddybears.co.uk . They sell a whole assortment of Steiff teddy bears in a very wide range from the newest designs all the way back to the oldest ones. Your challenge here however is in authenticating the seller or website from whom you wish to buy from.


Don’t discount garage sales as they can tremendously surprise you. People tend to let go of their old and unused belongings and what might seem redundant or useless to them might be of worth to you. It’s worth a try.


Stores like Goodwill and other thrift places contain gems only if you know how to find them. The best part is they often come cheap and affordable. Just see to it that the bear is still in really good condition.


Just like garage sales and thrift shops, antique and vintage stores are considered to be a treasure chest on its own. There are hundreds of bits and bobs for you to find and Steiff teddy bears could be one of them. It’s a hit or miss but why not try?


This is the place to be if you are really into collecting vintage and exclusive Steiff teddy bears. Auctions can be pretty expensive but this will overall depend on the toy at hand.

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